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What we do


We manufacture and install throughout the world production plants for the manufacture of top-quality concrete products. Small, medium or large plants, all powerful, efficient, simple and versatile, with an exceptionally long service life. 


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Performance curve of vibropresses over time


Mechanics vs Hi-tech

Our plants feature a solid mechanical base in order to minimise possible problems and ensure an extremely long service life of the plants. We use electronics only when it is strictly necessary.

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Mechanical base vs Electronic base, average machine downtimes (hours/ year)


Single-piece structure

The single-piece structure is the utmost expression of our constructive philosophy. All machines feature a frame made of single-piece metal sheets which are very thick, milled and mechanically assembled one to the other.

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Patented - vibrating table

We have invented and patented an innovative vibrating system. Through a simple electronically-controlled system, without belts or other mechanical synchronisation systems, it is possible to obtain a constant and well-distributed filling over the entire forming surface.

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Starting from a direct relationship with the owner of the customer company, we establish a relationship based on trust and collaboration in order to work side by side with the customer during all phases of the project and help him overcome all sorts of difficulties inherent the commissioning of a production plant. 

Partnership and Consulting



Customised plants

Today, we are the most competent and flexible company on the market for developing customised plants. We have 50 years of experience in adapting to logistic characteristics, in overcoming all sorts of obstacles, and in meeting the entrepreneurial needs of our customers.

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Advice on financing plans

We can support and promote research and obtain funding and financial aid for manufacturing the plants. In all countries where we operate, we are connected to a network of experts in this sector, always up to date on the latest technology.

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After-sales and assistance service

Our after-sales service includes an assistance and remote assistance system in order to be able to monitor, even from a distance, any situation that customers cannot deal with on their own.

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