Series Concept

Machine suited for the production of all types of standard and special products with height from 4 cm to 30 cm.


Over forty years of experience are enclosed in this “Concept” project. The flagship model in its category, innovative and superior in terms of solutions and sturdiness, it allows production rates at the highest levels. All functional groups on this machine are the best made available by modern technology.

Version Super
*Hollow blocks: 20×40 H 20 cm: No. 34,560 (100% / 8h)
*Paver: 10×20 H 6 cm: m2 3,168 (100% / 8h)
*Paver face-mix: 10×20 H 6 cm: m2 2,534 (100% / 8h)

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Final products achievable



Structure made with monolithic sheets.
Vibrations varying in amplitude and frequency.
Remote controls on the machine.
Automatic blocking of comb/mould.
Double power supply.


Metal sheets extraction for specific products.

Plus: 30 years warranty

We are so sure of the solidity of our construction philosophy that we guarantee for 30 years the integrity of the very thick bolted sheet metal structure, which forms the load-bearing base of the vibropress.



Double layer:
yes (standard)
Table size:
1200x1100 h45 mm
Product height:
40 ÷ 300
Weight (vibropress):
27.000 / 33.000 kg

*Hollow blocks: 20x40 H 20 cm:
Nr. No. pieces 24,000 (100%/8h)

*Paver: 10x20 H 6 cm:
Mq. 2.160 (100%/8h)

*Paver face-mix: 10x20 H 6 cm:
Mq. 1.728 (100%/8h)


* Walls of the blocks <= 30 mm.

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