Series Fi 50

Versatile machine for production of all types of products with height from 4 cm to 25 cm.


Vibropress ideal for companies starting out in the sector of concrete products production. Simple and reliable mechanics. The constructive quality is the same as superior-category vibropresses; solid, accurate and versatile, it can be easily incorporated in a wide range of automations.

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Structure made with monolithic sheets.
Lower vibrations with frequency variation.


Double power supply.

Plus: 30 years warranty



Double layer:
no (optional)
Table size:
1200x600 h40 mm
Product height:
40 ÷ 250
Weight (vibropress):
7.800 / 9.000 kg
*Hollow blocks: 20x40 H 20 cm:
Nr. No. pieces 7,200 (100%/8h)
*Paver: 10x20 H 6 cm:
Mq. 720 (100%/8h)
*Paver face-mix: 10x20 H 6 cm:
Mq. 600 (100%/8h)


* Productivity in semi-automatic systems is conditioned by the efficiency of the staff. Variable theoretical capacity and productivity values ​​based on the adjustment of the vibropress, the aggregate and the geometry of the product. The speed of the machine and the quality of the product are based on materials selected by Form Impianti. Block walls <= 30 mm.

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We design and install systems of all sizes and for every type of need. We are very experienced in adapting and customizing the system according to the customer’s needs or the logistical and business characteristics of the customer.


Our plants allow the production of a wide range of vibrated concrete products, both standard and special.