Cubing systems

The gripper is suited to picking up the cured products and to transfer them to another station on a slat conveyor, thus forming a pack with a variable number of layers. The gripper system, operated by means of pneumatic cylinders, consists of 4 opposite clamps with 0°- 360° rotation. The up/down and rotation movements are electrically controlled.

The automatic gripper is able to meet a large number of needs in order to best optimise productivity of the plant. In high-productivity installations, the gripper can be installed with the double grab unit.

We have developed an integrated transport system for all those situations where there is a need to have a product pack accumulation system at the plant outlet. The system consists of an automatic motorised skip that moves inside a metal structure equipped with tracks that supports the packs. This solution makes it possible to provide the operators in charge of transferring the ready packs towards the storage area in the yard with high autonomy in terms of time.

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