Series Fi 1200

Machine suited for the production of all types of standard and special products with height from 4 cm to 30 cm.

Vibropress designed and built for high productions, using very thick metal sheets, mechanically assembled one to the other, to ensure excellent solidity and high reliability.


Structure made of one-piece metal sheets.
Variable vibrations in terms of amplitude and frequency.
Remote controls on board the machine.
Automatic blocking of comb/mould.
Double feeding.

Metal sheets extraction for specific products.

Plus: 30-year guarantee
We are so certain of the strength of our constructive philosophy that we offer a 30-year guarantee on the intactness of the frame, which is made of thick, bolted metal sheets and represents the load-bearing base of the vibropress.


Technical Characteristics

yes (standard)
Table dimensions:
1.200x1,100 H 45 mm
Product height:
40 ÷ 300
Weight (vibropress):
26,000 / 32,000 kg
*Hollow blocks: 20x40 H 20 cm:
No. pieces 22,500 (100%/8h)
*Paver: 10x20 H 6 cm:
m2 1,994 (100%/8h)
*Paver face-mix: 10x20 H 6 cm:
m2 1,620 (100%/8h)


* In semi-automatic systems, productivity depends on the personnel’s efficiency. Variable theoretical capacity and productivity values based on adjustment of the vibropress, on the aggregate and on the product geometry. The machine speed and the product quality are based on materials selected by Form Impianti. Walls of the blocks <= 30 mm.


We design and install plants of all sizes and for all kinds of needs. We are experts in adapting and customising the plant based on the customers' needs or their logistical and entrepreneurial characteristics.


Our plants allow the production of a vast range of products made of vibrated concrete, both standard and special.

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