Single-piece structure

The single-piece structure is the utmost expression of our constructive philosophy. All machines feature a frame made of single-piece metal sheets which are very thick, milled and mechanically assembled one to the other.


This choice offers a series of basic advantages:

  • Ultra-precise couplings and tolerances resulting from the mechanical machining replace the traditional welds.

  • Absolute qualitative consistency, due to the use of automatic machine tools that guarantee repeatability of the operations.

  • Absence of welds, which are subject to failing under operational vibrations of the machine.

  • Extremely high mass of the frame in relation to the mass of the vibrating suspended masses, a fact that makes it possible to concentrate the vibrations generated on the product, and also to limit their spreading to the machine structure.

  • Freedom of design of the frame, with the possibility to have plenty of room for maintenance and setting operations, along with a pleasant-looking and modern style.



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